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Cheetah Media Link is 100% ROI-focused – and we back it up with Cheetah Media Link’s Mobile Performance Guarantee™. You pay only for results based on actions that you define – from purchases to installs.

Cheetah Media Link in Numbers


Billion monthly impressions

Transaction per second

Million Consumers per month

High-Performance Results

Cheetah Media Link is the #1 mobile marketing solution for apps that need tangible, profitable marketing results.

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Our Solutions

Drive large install volume quickly and cost effectively.

  • Achieve top store rank to drive more organic users and reduce acquisition costs.
  • Deliver hundreds of thousands of installs in a matter of days.
  • Employ a blend of CPI and CPC advertising to deliver maximum ROI.

Acquire high-quality mobile customers who take in-app actions beyond the install.

  • Employ intelligent audience matching for highly targeted acquisition programs.
  • Grow your business with vertical market campaigns designed to deliver the users you seek.
  • Drive higher LTV and ROI with guaranteed pay-for-performance marketing.

Bring back app users and retain to drive incremental business.

  • Conduct up-sell promotions to activate customers and recent buyers.
  • Target users with promotions who did not complete a purchase.
  • Deep link anywhere in-app to land users back to areas of interest or even the shopping cart.

Audience expansion technology with RTB will grow your audience and sales.

  • Target “Lookalike” and “Act-alike” audiences to expand your customer base and drive demand.
  • Acquire users who are ready to buy, based on their recent conversion activity.
  • Scale campaigns cost-effectively while delivering quality, engaged users with higher LTV.


The Cheetah Media Link Platform includes four integrated technology components that deliver superior advertising results.

Profile Targeting

Using Cheetah Media Link’s rich data warehouse, it defines targeting profiles to target the right ad to the right user at the right time – all to increase conversions and drive cost efficiencies.


Re-engage users with targeted campaigns that get them to return to your app and take a specific action, such as completing a purchase or buying an additional product.

DataSync Optimization

Real-time optimization engine leverages multi-variable campaign data to get smarter by the second, for intelligent media decisions that increase marketing performance and ROI.

In-App Tracking

The key to Cheetah Media Link’s guarantee is to deliver high conversion rates, Cheetah Media Link attributes every in-app event, such as purchases and sign-ups, back to the media source, to understand which media sources deliver the best users and ROI.

Targeting The
Right App Users

Using Cheetah Media Link’s rich data combined with advanced targeting algorithms, you can ensure that your ads are shown to the right users based on:

Demographics: gender, age, location, education, income, and others.

Mobile behaviors: number of daily app sessions, ad click frequency, active time of day, purchase frequency.

Interests: interests related to your app or associated with your audience profile.

Tracking Partners

Cheetah Media Link is integrated with the following tracking solutions: