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With Over 500 advertisers and 1,500 campaigns in nearly 200 countries, Cheetah Media Link gives you access to the highest-paying mobile advertising campaigns and more ways to drive revenue.

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Ad Units


Banner units in numerous shapes and sizes, optimized automatically to fit.

  • High fill-rate.
  • Fast and easy integration.
  • Quick revenue impact.


Full-screen ad for smartphones that drive higher engagement and conversions.

  • High fill-rate
and CTR.
  • Large vertical variety.
  • Automatic device and geo targeting.


Immersive advertising experience that drives high levels of user engagement.

  • Full-screen video to grab consumers’ attention.
  • HD-quality video.
  • Fast load times.


Non-intrusive, native ad unit presents your ads as recommendations rather than advertisements.

  • Full-screen ad displays lists of recommended apps.
  • Customizable, with multiple ad skins.
  • Discreet format designed for a positive user experience.


Customizable native ad units make it easy to present relevant app recommendations embedded within content.

  • Highest CTR for efficient monetization.
  • 100% customizable with multiple skins.
  • Fast and easy integration.


Live and relevant app recommendations that appear in previously unused spaces, to drive new revenue streams.

  • Contextual app recommendations with high CTR.
  • 100% customizable.
  • Non-intrusive.


Highly customizable in-stream ad unit that appears naturally in an app’s content stream without compromising the user experience.

  • 100% customizable to the app user interface.
  • High user engagement and monetization.
  • No accidental clicks = high CTR = high eCPM.

Ad Unit Screenshots


Cheetah Media Link’s Self-Service Publisher Platform gives you the ultimate control.

  • Intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the ideal campaign.
  • Easily control your ad placements.
  • Transparent metrics keep you informed.
  • Fast and accurate payouts for peace-of-mind.


Download the Cheetah Media Link SDK Today! No sign-up required

  • The lightest mobile advertising SDK.
  • Fast and easy to integrate.
  • Includes all Cheetah Media Link ad units.
  • Regularly updated and optimized.

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Mobile Success Team

Cheetah Media Link prides itself on giving publishers exceptional levels of world-class campaign management and technical support.

  • Dedicated account manager ensures the best campaign match.
  • Account team with country-specific expertise.
  • Custom strategies tailored by publisher type to drive a high return.